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Felippo Teixeira
Posted Sep 02 - Read on Facebook

Hello guys! Yesterday we had the first Framer JS Meetup in São Paulo. Thanks for those who came and gave us the opportunity to share Nubank’s experiences and excitement about Framer. Special thanks to the Framer JS team for all the support, you guys are great!

We prepared a simple tutorial covering the basics of animations, states, events, conditionals and loops. We think it may provide a structure that can serve as a base for more complex prototypes.



Eelco Lempsink

Cool! You actually also managed to find a possible bug in our hints system (I would have expected the beating heart to highlight when clicking outside of the phone), I filed an issue :)

Felippo Teixeira

Isn't it an option? I thought a line of code was needed to enable it... anyway, would be nice to have it as default :)

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