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Adam Mazurick
Posted Sep 06 - Read on Facebook

I figured out how to properly create cube maps for the VR Component. I will write a tutorial on Medium.


Jonas Treub

Wow! Would love to read it!

Rich Price

Looking forward to the write up!

Gregory J. Orton

Yeah, would love to read this tut

Jon Madison

what's camera4d

Phil Letourneau

can't wait! I use Cinema4D a ton.

Aatur Harsh

Wow that's brilliant eagerly waiting

Rafe Chisolm

Perfectly awesome, just ramping back up in C4D

Adam Mazurick

Thank you all for all your kind comments. My goal was to have this post done today, however, as I began to write the post (and prepare my files) it became apparent to me that I needed to spend some more time on it. It's almost done and I'll post it here on the framer page Monday afternoon. Sorry for the delay.

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