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Ray Yip
Posted Sep 05 - Read on Facebook

How do i use Framer to design at 1x?🤔
I don't want to specify the scale factor for every devices and pixel ratio.


Kai Daniels

I'm gonna say straight up, that is a bad idea. 1 because no one does that, 2 because your prototypes won't accurately reflect how your ideas will be used—which is the entire point of prototyping.

Jordan Robert Dobson

When you specify sizes just do (dpr 30) and it will be 30 @ 1x 60 @ 2x and 90 @ 3x and then everywhere in between.

Ray Yip

Here is the expected result written in html+css, it's not working the same in Framer because Framer will override the viewport meta tag. is there a way to hack it back? cc: Koen Bok

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