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Joshua Bradley
Posted Jul 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone. Does anybody have any opinions/experience with importing symbols from Sketch into Framer? As far as I can tell the default import script ignores the existence of any symbols outside of groups, which it flattens. Seems to me that depending on the project, this approach to symbols might not be optimal (ie. requiring manual unlinking or layer-grouping before Framer import). Or am I missing some configurability in the import system?


Krijn Rijshouwer

We currently don't support symbols. It's one of those things that's really hard to get right and most often doesn't have much added value in a prototype.

You can achieve symbol like behaviour using loops though → . Here's where it does get powerful as it can often save you from writing lots of duplicate code.

Michael-Owen Liston

This continues to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me when it comes getting a personal Sketch+Framer workflow up to speed. I appreciate it may not be technically feasible for the Framer team to solve for, but it seems so unfortunate that when you make the most powerful use of Symbols in Sketch—e.g. keeping your designs DRY-er by nesting symbols-within-symbols, which I am super-reliant on—it actually works against you in Framer, by forcing you to juggle redundant layers as hacks and workarounds for things that are flattened in the Symbols.

I’d be interested in hearing from people who’ve developed more elegant workflows in this respect! Let me know what you come up with, Joshua. :)

David Phillips

Agree. At the least, Framer should be able to import Symbols from Sketch without having to add groups or other redundant artboards or layers. Yes, code. But transparently supporting the presentation layers in Sketch is a must if importing is to remain useful.

Koen Bok

I think there is an opportunity to make this better for us, but we had to let the dust settle in Sketch internally before we could jump into this. I'd love to hear how this ideally would work for you guys, as I haven't used symbols too much yet.

James Muirhead

I agree with Joshua Bradley - at the very least Sketch Import should handle symbols like standard groups, including nested groups within a symbol. And they should also respect the * and - suffixes in group names.

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