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Michael-Owen Liston
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers, I’m still quite new to Framer, but on firing up Framer Studio today to do what I thought would be a super-straightforward prototype—the hubris!—I was getting constant crashes and unexpected behaviours. I don’t expect anyone to go on a bug hunt for me, but I would like to know if these are known issues, to avoid them in the future.

1. I import a Sketch file (≈7MB)
2. Layers have been grouped and show up as anticipated
3. I setup some layer states to move a side nav panel in/out, and bind these to an onClick() event

Unexpected and unwelcome behaviours:
1. doesn’t exactly “animate” the Sketch asset; it just appears/disappears, after a ≈1sec delay. The exact same code in a clean project, with layers created inside Framer as opposed to Sketch assets, produces the intended animated transition without delay.

Update: I was able to get it animating smoothly as intended just by removing the Artboard in the imported Sketch file. I didn’t expect Artboards to throw a spanner in things, is this a documented issue? Is it context specific?

2. Insta-crashes on attempting to access Screen.width, like so
~ stateA:
~ ~ x: Screen.width - 172

I also got it to crash on at least a few occasions with just numeric values instead of Screen, but Screen and/or Screen.width was crashing it 100% of the time this afternoon.

Am I writing dangerous code? Or is it something else?

Here’s a link to the project, which of course is now stable and working as intended for the first time all day:

Millions of thanks in advance!


Krijn Rijshouwer

I see — Sounds like an unknown and interesting bug. I'll create an issue for it. Did you send crash reports? + Are you on the latest version of Framer?

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