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Adam Mazurick
Posted Sep 07 - Read on Facebook

I followed a really cool tutorial on Prototyping VR Experiences with Framer. Does anyone know of a way to convert Panorama Shots taken on iOS to cube maps for use with the Framer VR Component?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Jonas Treub Do you know any tools that allow this?

Jonas Treub

Ces Cortez wrote a blogpost on how to create a cube map yourself but I can't find it anymore.

Øyvind Nordbø
Adam Mazurick

Krijn Rijshouwer Jonas Treub Øyvind Nordbø Thank you. I have this cool idea. A while back I made these Low Poly mountains with C4D. I want to make a landscape in Low Poly, subsequently I want to create interactions. First I'm going to start with the article you provided and then move into rendering out screens and see how it goes. This VR feature could prove helpful in articulating key experiences in Games to stakeholders and teammates. In some simulation games you have tons of interactions with modals and windows. In Elite Dangerous it was a big part of the initial on boarding for Oculus on DK2. Thanks again guys.

Adam Mazurick

Øyvind Nordbø ok so I read the article. Thank you! It involves using Photosynth which has since been removed from the iOS Store. No worries, I'll just shoot on my iPhone. After I did some more research, I think you can also use the cube map generator on Unity. If anyone is interested this is what I'm going to try as I am not too familiar with blender. I will share my work in a couple days and see how it goes.

Ee Venn Soh

Is there a link to the very cool prototyping in VR with Framer that you mentioned?

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