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Nick Breen
Posted Aug 31 - Read on Facebook

Hey FramerJS group! I'm struggling with a page that has a layer with a dynamic height (could be large or small based on content). If you have any suggestions:


Krijn Rijshouwer

I think an example is the best way to help you out and explain how you can achieve this. So I'll make you one in a bit!

Krijn Rijshouwer

Here's a little example → . Let me know if you have any questions.

Nick Breen

Hi Krijn, thanks for investing the time to make an example for me! This looks like the solution #3 (Have several small layers and use Framer to build the page by adding each layer, one after another) I outline in my Stack Overflow question above. This is a totally valid approach if we're designing from scratch.

However, I'm importing all my layers and designs from sketch, so everything is already rendered and absolutely positioned in the correct place. I agree that I can do as you have done and add one layer after another (taking advantage of padding, margins, aligns, etc), but that approach doesn't take advantage of the already positioned elements that are imported from my sketch file. In other words, I'm re-doing the work of the sketch file, mostly pixel pushing to match the designs. Also, this approach would be costly if my designs change drastically, I'd have to invest more time matching the new design.

Thanks again for making that example, I appreciate you'd invest that time to help me understand. Any ideas on how we can make your solution work with imported sketch designs?

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