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Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa
Posted May 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys. Framer noob here :)
Can anyone please heIp me understand how to listen to a specific "currentPage" (page activation) in a PageComponent?

page.on "change:currentPage" just listen to the page change, not the current "activated" page, maybe there're other syntaxes? functions?... (please forgive my noobness)

Here's my example : I have a PageComponent named myPage, and would like to assign a certain page of the myPage (when activated) to trigger another "thing", say an animation, or another page activation, or a state, or whatever...

I know how to listen to Events like onTap, onScroll, onSwipe, on Move... etc, but I really would like to have a certain page "activation" to BE my Event? Does it make sense? Lol

Hope you guys can help me figure it out.

Cheers ;)


Floris Verloop

Hey Tojo, Inside the page change event, you can check the page index of the current page. This way you can use an if statement to decide if something else should happen.

I've made a little example to showcase this:

Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa

Thanks Floris Verloop. Checking it out ;)

Tojo Rakoto Ramanantsoa

Yeah! It works. Thank you sooo much

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