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Sergey Voronov
Posted Sep 01 - Read on Facebook

have couple of dribbble invites, post your work samples here to get one:)


Aalok Trivedi

My site currently is down (working on it :() but here are some samples of my work:

I can't publicly show a lot of my current/new work yet but I messaged you some things I've been working on. Thanks!

Andrey Dyadyura

Clemente Garcia-Huerta
Clemente Garcia-Huerta
Clemente Garcia-Huerta


Benjamin Den Boer

Same here — send me a link to your Dribbble drafting page and I'll draft you. :-)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Same here.

Clemente Garcia-Huerta

After drafted, when can we draft other people?

Ray Yip

I got 3 invitations. Send me one of your best framer prototype share link i will draft you

Kévin Scotet
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