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Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker
Posted Aug 29 - Read on Facebook

Some people were asking about disabling the auto-refresh in the preview window, since it can be a pretty heavy task on complex prototypes. One quick hack I've started doing, is simply adding this line to the top of my prototype:

return if window.FramerStudio

It disables your entire prototype in the preview window rather than just stop it from refreshing, but might come in handy for some people. Comment out when you're ready to preview. Of course you could just do "return" as well. I just do it this way cause I often have it running in a separate browser window in the background, and I'm happy for it to refresh while I work.

EDIT: Nevermind, see Benjamin Den Boer's reply below :) But just so it's not a complete waste of a post: Similar tricks are also handy if you're doing a lot of work with sound/video and you only want it to play in one instance of your prototype at a time. So you might do

videolayer.player.muted = true if window.FramerStudio


videolayer.player.autoplay = false if window.FramerStudio

for example.


Benjamin Den Boer

Another tip: View → Auto Refresh → Off. :-)

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