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Henrique Gusso
Posted Oct 19 - Read on Facebook

Came to work at a café this morning and found out the Wi-Fi doesn't allow devices to be seen across the network, so no Framer Preview.

Ad hoc between Mac and iPhone works of course, but then no internet on Mac.

And then magic happened. Turns out if you connect your iOS device by cable to your Mac, enable Personal Hotspot and then make sure "iPhone USB" comes after Wi-Fi on your Mac network interfaces list, you get *the best Framer Preview experience you ever had*.

Both devices connect to the public Wi-Fi internet, but can still see each other through the USB network they have between themselves. Which means seriously stupidly fast refreshes. 📲


Jonas Treub

Great tip! I didn't know about this 🙈

Koen Bok

I really wish Apple would enable networking over usb without having to enable hotspot.

Rasmus Andersson

Koen, just sprinkle some PeerTalk over framer preview.

Jordan Robert Dobson

So will this work with AT&T users? Where you can't typically share your data connection?

Benjamin Den Boer

Ooh, nice tip!

Arturo Goicochea

Has anyone found a way to do this...with an iPad...with no cellular? I mean an alternative that accomplishes the same thing

Radek Kyselý

While I'd love to have simply USB connection Framer to Framer App just as Sketch has :)

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