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Øyvind Nordbø
Posted Aug 30 - Read on Facebook

Aloha, Framer community! I wrote an article about making your prototypes more manageable and diverse, using Classes, Loops and Arrays!


Daniel Alvarez

This is great!

Peter Gr

Awesome work and incredibly useful!



Kasper Andersen

Classes?! #mindblown

Michael McKenna


Max Hanz

This is great! Imho it would have made sense to start with loops and arrays because they seem like a more fundamental thing to me and classes are a tiny bit more advanced - just as an idea :)

Jordan Robert Dobson


Brad Ryan

Well done! I've been using objects opposed to arrays so that the values can be grouped together. Any thoughts?

Sam Thorne

Brad Ryan Arrays are usually faster and can be sorted/iterated on more easily, but Objects can hold more complex information in that you have key/value pairs. It depends on what you're doing with the data really. It's also more complicated to copy an object, you have to do what's called a 'deep copy' of the nested elements.

Jorn van Dijk


Jan Rod

Good stuff!

Benjamin Den Boer

Super cool article, Øyvind Nordbø. Thanks a bunch for sharing. :-)

Aalok Trivedi

This was ridiculously useful! fantastic job of explaining things clearly and easily for those with beginner to intermediate skills. Would LOVE to see more articles

Rafe Chisolm

Super helpful, in terms of the article and the thorough comments in your code!

Nick Hanigan

Really like the power described here to simplify many things.

Question: I think I watched a video tutorial and it told me once about 'print consollog' ... which prints the hidden the properties of a layer to the consol log?? Is that how you find all the attributes behind the main classes that have already been written?

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