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Jack Merrell
Posted Aug 31 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any issues of image assets flickering during pinchable and draggable events?


Floris Verloop

I don't have any flickering here: Does this happen on a device or in the browser?

Jack Merrell

Hi Floris,
Sorry should have stated… This only happen on a device (ios).

Jack Merrell

I have preloaded all of my .png images (x57 = 387kb in total) using Framer.Extras.Preloader.enable()

However in the inspector it shows that everything is also being loaded twice and doubled up, once from the cache and again as a new asset. any ideas? :s

Floris Verloop

Could you share your prototype? I like to take a look at it :)

Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Jack Merrell — are you also loading in any assets from an online source, by any chance?

Andrew Kelly

I had this same issue in mobile safari. Perhaps it’s a webkit bug? I found that child elements flicker when dragging if their parent’s image size exceed 2048px.

Flickering - parent image exceeds 2048

No flicker - parent image less than 2048

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