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Bimma Bimma
Posted Aug 29 - Read on Facebook

I hope I can ask this question clearly ...

If I've created a module with a class that has layers with onClick events, and those (module class) layers are included in a scrollComponent in, how can I prevent the click event from firing on those layers when the user is scrolling the list?

I'm clear on how to do this when NOT using a module, but this is clearly a scoping issue I can't figure out. I've tried passing the scrollComponent to the module as a parameter. I've tried using window["variable"]. To no avail. Scrolling always triggers one of the layers created from the module class.


Bimma Bimma

No one?

Jorn van Dijk

Can you share your file with us?

Bimma Bimma

Yes, project is large but I will post a fragment here when I get to the office. Thanks!

Bimma Bimma

Jorn van Dijk - per your request, here's a stripped down Framer build showing the issue I'm having. Appreciate any help!

Floris Verloop

The click is triggered because you also listen to "TouchStart" and "TouchEnd" in your module. I assume this is because you want to mimic a long press. Framer actually has a "LongPress" event available.

I've update your module a bit so it now uses the LongPress event (see line 22 in module), and everything works as it should:

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