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James Hare
Posted Aug 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone! I'm experimenting with 3D transforms and made this little toy. You can drag the handle to spin the mobile. This only works within Framer Studio it seems, and not in Safari, Chrome or on iOS. Am I using any unsupported techniques/CSS?

A further strange behaviour is that the background only goes the correct colour (grey) when you type something into Framer Studio. When it first loads the project, it's black! (try simply typing a space in the editor - it then changes the background to the correct colour). Anyone have some advice?
Thank you


Eelco Lempsink

Hi James – very cool! I noticed the performance (even in Studio) was quite poor, and found that a stray call to ‘console.log’ was not helping this. I updated the Framer library to fix it. This also seems to have fixed the background going gray. To get the new Framer library use File > Update Framer Library…

Now, next up, figuring out why dragging the layer only works in the Framer app.

James Hare

Hi Eelco, thank you! The crazy thing is, I actually want the background grey (Framer.Screen.background = "#ddd" and Framer.Screen.backgroundColor = "#ddd"). I tried doing it the official way with new BackgroundLayer, but it disrupts the perspective plane. Thanks for your continuing help!

And yes… why it only works in the Framer app…

Eelco Lempsink

Ah, I think the Screen settings work fine (which is recommended over using BackgroundLayer also), but then you set up a custom device, if you move setting the background color below that code, it should work.

Eelco Lempsink

Okay, I found something. If you don’t call ``, the layer will be draggable in Safari too. I don’t fully understand why this is though, I’ll file a bug.

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