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Charlie Sneath
Posted Feb 13 - Read on Facebook

Can anyone confirm that the convertPointToLayer() function is working correctly? I'm getting an error that it's not a function, though my syntax seems to match documentation.

(Sidenote: the docs have the same function name for convertPointToCanvas() and convertPointToLayer().


Fran Pérez

Can someone shed some light about how to use this?

Jonas Treub

Hi guys. Converting points is useful for projecting points from the Canvas onto a layer. Here is a nice example:

Orfeo Chen

Terrific example. I think we definitely need more examples in the documentation. PS. The example works perfectly in Framer, but not yet in Chrome. Any idea?

Jonas Treub

Orfeo. Damn. You are right. Chrome dropped support for converting points to nodes. We'll probably have to write it ourselves.

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's a function on a layer how are you using it?

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