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Tes Mat
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey, I do a $25 discount on the Framer book to celebrate Ukraine’s 25th Independence Day!

Why Ukraine, and not, e.g. The Netherlands (where Framer is made), or Belgium (where I’m from)?

• 25 years is ¼ of a century!
• I’ve spend most of my time in the last few years in Kiev (parts of the book are written there), and have seen what began with the Euromaidan protests evolve to their current situation (getting closer to the EU, but also still an ongoing war in the east)
• Because of listening to Ukraine’s hymn so often on Euromaidan, hearing it now still gives me goosebumps…
• UA has many talented designers, like Станислав Рапп (Stan Rapp), who made this flag visual. (and proposed the discount :))
• And I’m teaching a 1-month Framer course starting next week at Projector in Kiev:

Use this code: «ukraine25»

…new edition of the book coming up!


Aalok Trivedi

gahhh, i just bought this a couple days ago...darn haha

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