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Rhys Merritt
Posted Aug 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys! I was part of some work recently which required a group of us to come up with a lot of variations of colour combinations, so I created a little prototype to give us a helping hand, and get some ideas generating a bit easier. This isn't super complex at all, but I was happy that I learnt a few things while creating it - namely, how to set up google fonts, how to vertically centre text in a layer, and how to make it fully responsive!

Prototype here:

EDIT: Just added the ability to drag your finger up and down to adjust the lightness or darkness of the colours :)


Krijn Rijshouwer

This is really cool stuff Rhys!

Benjamin Den Boer

Clever stuff, thanks for sharing. :-)

Jorn van Dijk

Nice work Rhys!

Rhys Merritt

Thanks guys! It's really cool to have all you Framer guys commenting!..

I'm starting to play with it more, and I'm going to try get it to the point where you can also input your own hex values.. I've made a start already, just getting my head around a few things :)

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