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Dani Bedar
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey All! I'm having a weird problem in which Sketch layers within a grouped object are repositioning when imported into Framer. Some layers are in a different x, y than in sketch, even while layers within the same group remain in position. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!


Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Dani Bedar, hmm, that's curious! Are you working with Artboards as well? The coordinates of the most top-left artboard is set to x:0, y:0, and the others are positioned relative to it. Or, it could be related to masking. Could you share your Sketch + Framer file? :-)

Dani Bedar

Hi Benjamin Den Boer, thanks for your response! I've actually narrowed it down to some grouping behavior in Sketch -- as I moved layers from one subgroup to another, their x, y would change. So Framer is reflecting that flat view of the x, y, which I'm sure is known, but I'm just figuring out! I'm not sure what a good workflow for that is, to keep every subgroup's position on the artboard (I'm just working on one Artboard for this so far). The Framer project is on, and both it and the Sketch file are at

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