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Jonas Treub
Posted Aug 27 - Read on Facebook

Fun little experiment, push the dots.


Paul Kooi

Cool little experiment... any plans for how you might apply it?

Adam Mazurick

Neat. Really cool.

Alexis Morin

This is the sort of stuff perfect for Processing

Adam Mazurick

This is precisely why framer is a great tool and I'm happy to learn it. In the past I would have to rely on a very expensive motion plug-in for after effects named trapcode to accomplish an effect like this in the background of a particular interaction or view. The plug-in is insanely expensive around 1000 USD. This ability to manifest our thoughts and ideas using coffee script and Framer is truly magical and I think this is the kind of work I like to bookmark for future applications of my own. Sick work!

Dwayne Tatum

A "shake to refresh/reset" addition to this would be great

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