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Giovanni Caruso
Posted Aug 23 - Read on Facebook

I was playing with an old concept – If I'm right it was inspired by a previous iteration of Storehouse (iPhone). I've found a working solution by using the pageComponent. Any idea how to create something similar using the scrollComponent? Done some quick test without success. Thanks :)


Benjamin Den Boer

Heya Giovanni Caruso — this is cool! A vertical PageComponent works well for this. You could do this with a ScrollComponent, but you'd have to manually calculate the distance to the nearest layer and then use the scrollToPoint or scrollToLayer methods. :-)

Giovanni Caruso

Benjamin Den Boer yep! the pageComponent is perfect for the purpose. However, I believe that the scrollComponent + Utils.modulate would be better for the "fluidity" I'd like to achieve. I need to invest some time on this. Btw, thanks :)

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