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Sergey Voronov
Posted Aug 24 - Read on Facebook

inspired by spotify facebook player by George Kedenburg III (and using big part of his code :) I wrote module for people who want to play with Spotify API in Framerjs. Live sample here .Module -


George Kedenburg III

Benjamin Den Boer

Super cool. Thanks a ton for sharing!

Stephen Crowley

Hey Sergey- I noticed the timecode on the right of the timeline wasn't updating- it's actually an issue I ran into when working on a video player and couldn't figure out why. Is that still an issue for you as well?

Sam Thorne

Nice! One thing to note, if you set r.responseType = 'json' as part of your XMLHttpRequest call, you will get JSON back with r.response (not r.responseText). No need to call JSON.parse().

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