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Katherine Zadyra
Posted Aug 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone! I have a variable called 'linesadded' which is a number, and a function called 'showsummary'. On click I want to execute showsummary function the number of times equal to current linesadded value. What is the syntax for this? showsummary() * {linesadded} or something like this is my guess, this does not give an error but does not work either... Thanks for help in advance :)


Alexander Zapadenko

I would try something like:

for i in [0...linesadded]
Utils.delay 0.5, ->
print "hello"

Benjamin Den Boer

Hiya Katherine Zadyra, you can indeed try using a loop here. You can also inspect the amount of times a function is actually executed by printing it within your loop, while including the loop index.
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