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Keith Lang
Posted Aug 22 - Read on Facebook

I don't think it's possible given my research, but wanted to check: Is there any painless way to put images on the canvas using various composite modes? For example, Multiply, or Screen. I know Canvas supports it, but it seems not supported outside of Canvas for now?


Øyvind Nordbø


Keith Lang

Sorry, a little more info?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes you can...

bg = new Layer
size: Screen
image: Utils.randomImage()

foo = new Layer
backgroundColor: "red"
"mix-blend-mode": "multiply"

Keith Lang

Super-helpful, so many thanks! That works (small typo of background instead of backgroundColor for anyone who just pastes in the code)

Keith Lang

As a followup, I'm using a bitmap mask on a solid color for adding 'lighting' effects to an image. Can't share the project, but here's how you can get Framer to composite masked dynamically colored content, for example:

myMaskedLayer = new Layer
¬ backgroundColor: ‘red’
¬ style: "mix-blend-mode": "screen"
¬ opacity: 0.2["-webkit-mask"] = "url(images/bitmapMask.png)"

I'm really impressed that Framer can do bitmap masking and more impressively, compositing logic ("screen") like this. As a caveat, you'll want to make sure your mask and source are the same dimensions, as there's some unexpected things that happen if you try to draw either at a fraction of their original size etc. But Scale seems to work appropriately.

Overall, it's really amazing. Thanks Framer team, and Framer community for being as great as you are!

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