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Ben Ellis
Posted Oct 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi all,

This might be a bit of a dumb question. But I couldn't find any information on Sketch Import & Auto-Code.

This page: says they 'work great together', but when importing a sketch file into Framer I don't then see the Auto-Code panel as you would if you just pulled in flat PNGs or created layers within Sketch.

Am I missing something? Does Auto-Code only work when you create layers within Framer or drag in static assets rather than a layered Sketch file?

I'm using the latest update of Framer, v68 and the latest version of Sketch, v39.1



PS: Just to clarify, I get the layer inspector that displays all the Sketch layer names, rolling over them highlights the respective layer in the device preview. But no Auto-Code. Am I missing something?


Clint Miller

Post your file. Here is a screenshot of a file I imported sketch into and it works for me. Just click the little icon next to the line numbers.

Koen Bok

Auto-code needs an entry point in code to appears, and while Sketch layers already have inherited all their initial setup from Sketch, you have to add a state before you can use auto-code.

I can definitely see how this can be confusing. We are working on a better way to expose auto-code for imports. cc Niels.

Alex Scott


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