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Floris Verloop
Posted Aug 19 - Read on Facebook

We just shipped a slick new homepage. More importantly, we added tons more resources for both our beginner and advanced users, as well as a Community page (featuring this group!).


Benjamin Den Boer

Huge shout out to George Kedenburg III, Min-Sang Choi and Bradley Ryan for allowing us to feature their amazing work! Many thanks. :-)

Sergey Voronov

Castle vacation was productive:)

James Hsu


Manfred Richie Neustifter

Looks amazing and definitely a great design tool... if you would tell me the roadmap included exporting/compile to native code I'd be on it

Daniel Lin

Dang the community page is awesome!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice work! The community page is awesome. But let me hit enter to search. :)

Benjamin E Saravia

I am amazed... lots of good content !!

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