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Chris Wang
Posted Aug 19 - Read on Facebook

Rotation in perspective gets cut off when using sketch import with artboard?

So I tried
1. rotate a layer created in framer
2. rotate an image drag and dropped into framer
3. Import layer from sketch but without art board
4. Import layer from sketch with art board

#1 - #3 works fine.
For #4, when I try to rotate a layer in perspective, it gets cut off. Can someone help me with this?


Jordan Robert Dobson

So it's probably being clipped by another layer by cutting through it.

Peter Gr

I think you would set the rotating layer's "clip" property to "true" to prevent that

Jason Nelson

Try adjusting the Z value of the object your are rotating, (sketch.image) bring it closer to you.

Chris Wang

Seems like the image is being cut off by the artboard layer.
Still can't get to it work.

Peter Gr

Hey Chris, see if this works for what you're trying. I set the artboard's background color to 'none'. Also I didn't make any changes to the artboard's rotation or perspective - only the layer within it. That might be the difference

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