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Karol Piwowarczyk
Posted Aug 18 - Read on Facebook

I want to start designing WEB in FramerJS
(I created artboard with dimensions of 1440x900)

You recommend any training materials? (share link or documents)

PS. I want to have scroll (in browser window), when imported artboard from Sketch. How to do this?

Thanks for your help!


Daniel Alvarez
Karol Piwowarczyk

Thanks! This is very useful! "Sketch and Framer use different default artboards/devices for the web. Sketch uses 1440x1024 while Framer uses 1440x900. I opt for 1440x900. Don’t think you’re restricted to 900 pixels for height though, you can easily create scrollable pages in Framer." Who to add scrollable to the whole artboard?

Daniel Alvarez

I work on Windows, using Photoshop as my design tool. For web I prefer to design in 1920x1080px.

Karol Piwowarczyk

You have a 1920x1080px artboard - how add scroll, when you scalling browser to 1280x960?

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