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Diego Bernabé
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys. Question. I'm about to start a high fidelity prototype for a big multi screen complex app. I bought the Framer license out of a recommendation, but now I'm only seeing "micro interactions" on the examples. Meaning, only one screen or two with cool animations. Is this tool more of a "animation/creative concept" tool or can I accomplish complex prototypes with Framer JS? Should I look somewhere else for this? Thank you!


Mike Johnson

You can absolutely make more complex user flows. Take a look at this module:

I've been working on a screencast to help demo some of the cool stuff you can do, but got sidetracked :)

Safinah Ali

You can totally do multiple pages and create flows. This isn't very complex, but I had done a multi-page atm simulator last year:

Sergey Voronov

you can do full stuff, for example uber prototype

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