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Peter Gr
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

I recreated this fun game that the New York Times has where you can test your reaction time against Usain Bolt. This vid shows my prototype. Try it live here:

This one is designed for desktop viewing.


Also check out the original N.Y.T. game here:


Mike Johnson

Awesome! Had fun playing with it.

Though it seems strange to constantly be "faster" and then get disqualified for being too fast... It's super easy to get under 0.1 with just the mouse...

And I have have a hard time believing the statistics on that NYT article... you have to actually TRY to get worse than 0.2... Maybe I got trolled.

Peter Gr

Thanks! I noticed there is actually a delay between when the gun goes off and when the timer starts on the NYT version. I added that into mine just to replicate it. The " + 105" equates to 0.105 sec

It's harder to get less than 0.2 using the trackpad, I think. At least for me haha. It's also much harder to get below 0.250 sec on mobile phones - including the NYT's version

Mike Johnson

Ah, I see. Well, I'll quit on this one. :)

Benjamin E Saravia


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