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Peter Gr
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, if I want to make a prototype that can be viewed in desktop browsers or mobile devices (and adjusts for each screen size), should I set device to "No device"?

Context: I made something using a desktop browser device display in Framer Studio, but I gave it instructions to adjust according to screen size. Not sure how I should export it.


George Kedenburg III

yeah, if your prototype is fully responsive from desktop to mobile then youd want to share it with "no device"

Peter Gr

Can't get it to accurately detect the screen width when I mirror it in a browser or on my phone -- it just gives the width of whatever device I had selected in Framer Studio. So I don't see any way to make it responsive. Oh well.

Jordan Robert Dobson

That's not right. Please share. We can help.

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