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Peter Gr
Posted Aug 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, is there any difference between Screen.width and Framer.Device.screen.width?

Also, I've noticed that screen.height and Screen.height return different values.


Jordan Robert Dobson

I would just use Screen. I bet there is some difference but if you stick to Screen you should be good.

Peter Gr

Thanks Jordan

Eelco Lempsink

If you use Screen it will work whether you’re using a Device or not (when using the Framer app, a device will always be set up though), so indeed, stick with that.

I’m curious about the different values you’re seeing. Do you mean there’s a difference between Framer.Device.screen.height and Screen.height? Or do you mean a different between screen.height and Screen.height (which would be easy to explain: code is case-sensitive, so the capitalization difference means you’re referring to a different variable)

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