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Tomi Adewale
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey Everyone! If I have a set of divs I've created but later on want to fill with content that loads a bit after, how do I do this? I used the getElementsByClassName method and tried to do a replace with a forLoop like this... gotEm[h].html= newStuff ...via an event listener.

That didn't work though. Any general ideas on what I ought to look up? Also, I guess if there were a command that lets me easily halt my program till some calculations are made and a variable is defined with content, that would also solve my problem. Now that I'm thinking... is that just an "if something != undefined" statement? Thanks in advance!


Tomi Adewale

figured out out! Thank you!

Tomi Adewale

if anyone ever has the same problem these snippets might help:

for layer in layerFolder

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