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JinJu Jang
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers!
(Framer Link)

I’ve been working on using Framer as a user testing tool.
I revised the final prototype for my Cocoaheads Melbourne presentation, so please ignore some of in-jokes:P

If you wonder how it works and how the app would turn out, you can check the links below.
Basic version:
Final App:

My user testing work flow were like this.
1. Make 1-2 versions of realistic iOS prototypes
2. Recruit users, Let users use the *app* freely for 1 minute.
3. Ask a specific question. (i.e.: Where can you see your profile?) to check the UX is clear.
4. Gathering feedback, decide where to fix.
5. Hack hack hack until the next person starts. (around: 1-1.5 hours)

It was amazing that everyone’s feedback was so functional and also consistent. (Not like my ordinary client-designer feedback loop!) I find users always find a bad UX problem, which designers like me can be blinded from.

It entirely changed our design decision process. Now anytime we feel “It looks fine but I’m not sure about this” We start up a quick user test to find out what works the best for our users! :)