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Angie Marie
Posted Aug 15 - Read on Facebook

I'm super new to Framer and I was doing a test where I have 2 Artboards with two screens, but I also have 4 individual groups (outside of the Artboards) that I want to import as Layers along with it. When I import Sketch - Framer, it ignores those 4 groups outside of the Artboards. I know it ignores items that aren't in a group in general, but I thought it would import the Artboards + 4 individual groups as layers.

To elaborate more, one of the Artboards is a form screen that I just want to manipulate individual parts of it so I don't think it makes sense to have another full-size artboards with the dropdown state changing, but maybe that is how you're supposed to do it? One of the individual groups outside of the artboard is just the dropdown menu part of the dropdown button so I want to animate it that when it's clicked, the dropdown appears. Is it more "correct" to have the dropdown menu hidden on top of the Artboard? That just feels harder to work with in Sketch, but maybe that's what I need to do. Thanks in advance for your help!


Nick Hanigan

Hi Angie, I am a noob too. I read an example called swipe and click from the website examples two nights ago, that had the sketch file with it. It had stars placed like you describe.

I believe when importing you need to be careful to group in folders, otherwise I don't think it recognises items.

That example might help too???

Eelco Lempsink

Framer should import all layer groups. Are you sure they’re not imported (they should show up in the layer panel right of the code), they might be off-screen? If not, then it’s a bug in the importer and I would love to see the Sketch file to see if I can replicate this.

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