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Maciek Ziółkowski
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I have three page components (shoppingList, productsBought, productsNotBought) placed next to each other horizontally. The middle one has few pages initially. I would like to transfer the page from the middle component to either one on the left or right by swiping left or right. I have written this piece of code to do this, but it causes errors:

productsNotBought.addPage(shoppingList.currentPage, 'bottom');

productsBought.addPage(shoppingList.currentPaage, 'bottom');

Is there any other way to obtain this effect?



Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Maciek Ziółkowski,

Can you share an example project with this code so I can take a look?

Maciek Ziółkowski

Hello Krijn. I use bare Framer JS library on Windows, so I do not have access to Framer Share platform.

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