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Andy Jakubowski
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

Having an issue where the text of my layer gets an additional “0” at the end while the layer is switching state—and then goes back to normal when the state is switched.

It only happens if I assign exclusively numbers (“123” as opposed to “abc” or “abc123”) to my layers’ HTML attribute.

Can anyone spot what’s wrong here? I actually used this before without any issues... Here’s an example:


Chris Camargo

I've been seeing this in my own prototypes using PageComponent. Koen, even seen this before?

Andy Jakubowski

Maybe it has to do with what properties you modify with state change?

Here’s a much older prototype where I also assign numbers to html and it seems to work fine. Only backgroundColor changes when state is switched:

Jordan Robert Dobson

Oh man... I remember this issue... I think I reported this as well like a year and a half ago... Marc Krenn - Do you recall this?

For some reason I think it had something to do with the CSS styles being changed for some odd reason.

Marc Krenn

Nope, this one is new to me, Jordan.

The CSS bug you are referring to was apparently fixed a month or two ago, but maybe this bug was (re-)introduced with this fix? (CC Jonas)

Anyway, I have done some quick tests and I think it's somehow related to the concept of values not being allowed to start with a numeric character or something:

html: "123" -> default state displays "1230"
html: "123a"-> default state displays "123aNaN"

html: "<div>123" temporarily fixes the problem, Andy.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah. That was also an issue. Man I think I might be mixing up my issues.

Okernel Liu

According the official document:
states — One or multiple strings.
You can add other state to solve this issue.

Mårten Björk

Jordan, Marc: I recently filed a bug for this as well and a fix is imminent:

Andy Jakubowski

Thanks for all your help guys! Looking forward to that fix finding its way into production :)

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