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Allan Suaco
Posted Aug 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi Fellow Framers,

1) Quick question, I want to know if its easy to build a fully responsive website prototype using Framer?

2) How you guys optimize your codes or how your codes look like if you use Framer in prototyping a responsive website?

3) Do you have work sample guys that you use Framer in a website?


Allan Suaco

You mean it can't be possible to use Framer in a website to create a prototype? Kindly explain more deeply. I'm studying Framer to create one website prototype. :)

Allan Suaco

Do you have samples of prototype website using Framer that I can see how you coded it? I'm very new in Framer. :(

Allan Suaco

How to start and how it is done and how the codes has been coded. That's my problem. I only created 1st page can't do the 2nd and 3rd page of website.

Allan Suaco

That's cool... Please let me see the example, sorry i'm very new in Framer. Also how the layer use in a better way.

Allan Suaco

Rafael Marin : Bro thank you very much for this... Question is it a better way to slice it that way rather than creating it per piece?

Allan Suaco

When I use PSD and import it to Framer its all scattered... I dunno why. Maybe there's a problem in grouping my layer in PSD.

Chad Smith

Hey Allan, you are WAY better off just designing in-browser and using Chrome's Inspector to change CSS values to see your least when it comes to responsive design. I see Framer as a fast way to get ideas out to clients and teammates, but the more you try to do with it past the initial idea, the worse (harder and time consuming) things become.

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