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Rob Byrd
Posted Aug 11 - Read on Facebook

I have a question specific to the View Navigation Controller module. I've attached an actual photo of my screen because taking a screenshot hid the page properties. For some reason on transition the previous page only goes -650 on the x axis instead of its full width of 750. Has anyone come across anything similar? Or have an idea why it might be doing this?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Chris Camargo?

Chris Camargo

Hey Rob Byrd, glad you found my module! :) I'm investigating this now.

Chris Camargo

So I was sanity checking my code to see if I had included a hard-coded value somewhere, but I don't see anything that would cause this problem in the module. 640 is the iPhone SE screen width, vs the 750 width of the iPhone 6/6S. Rob, is it possible you've hard-coded a width of 640 for the VNC? All of the built-in transitions get their values from the size of the VNC itself.

Rob Byrd

Chris, thanks for the response. I found your module through the YouTube post you made. It's been very useful. It is odd, and it's just on transitions for screens that I have already been to (going backward). I don't believe I have 640 hardcoded. I'll keep looking into and let you know what I find.

Rob Byrd

So...dumb mistake on my part. I had my layers set with a width of 750 while working on an iPhone 5 size. Adjusted it to 640 and all works fine now.

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