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George Kedenburg III
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook

It's definitely not perfect but here's a quick 1-hour take at a Framer version of the new Apple Music player in iOS 10!

In this project you'll learn such wonderous things as:
* what a slider component is
* how to scrub a video or music
* how to combine states, events and conditionals
* how to do things continuously (like update the time)
* how to format time
* how to not play yourself

Check it out here:


Eli Beitzuri

Major key alert 🔑

Leon Kosters

How to not play yourself 👍🏼

Benjamin Den Boer

Sweeet — thanks for sharing!

Jonas Treub

Cool George! Made me think of the Apple Music transition I recreated the other day. Except for switching states it is fully build with AutoCode.

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