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Stefanos Kofopoulos
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

Using the Framer app on iPhone is a bit frustrating to me. Swipe from Bottom brings up the Control Center along with the Framer app menu.

The Control Center gesture can be disabled from Settings > Controls Center but this is a universal setting. The Framer app offers disabling Swipe from Bottom but then again shaking the device is also a bit frustrating to me.

I thought maybe a Swipe from Left / Right gesture can solve this issue - or even an option in Framer app Settings for this purpose. I'd personally prefer Swipe from Right to Left to avoid any conflict with iOS default multitasking gesture.

Just an idea.


Judah Guttmann

I agree that the SwipeUp from the bottom is annoying and shake to refresh is not much better. But swiping from the edge could interfere with EdgeSwipe. Maybe a three finger tap? I do wish there was a better solution....

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