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Ivan Zhao
Posted Oct 05 - Read on Facebook

So for the past few years I have been pouring my heart out crafting this piece of software called Notion. Today we are launching the 1.0 on Product Hunt. If you use Google Docs, iA Writer, Evernote, or even Trello – you'll love it! It's pretty much the first text editor that works fully with drag & drop.

P.S. It also comes as a super minimal Mac app.

Thanks guys! Check it out, and vote us up. ❤️


Zsolti Kocsmárszky

Using Notion for a while now and it's a really solid and great tool. 👌🏼

Mike Stężycki

Been loving the product landing page. It's beautifully designed, both the app and the website. The illustrations are a lovely addition also! You and your team should feel proud! Well done :)

George Kedenburg III

Hey Ivan, congrats on the launch! Did you use Framer to prototype Notion?

Saurabh Mathur

Sorry, why are we posting about product launches on here?

George Kedenburg III

Ivan I'm sure you're super busy but we're all really excited to hear how you used Framer to build Notion!

Ivan Zhao

Pew just got a breather. Thanks for asking George Kedenburg III. Notion is not designed with Framer, but the editor is created with Framer embeds in mind (see the 2nd video on the marketing page, we use a Framer embed as an example).If you are sharing as a http link, you might need to this little trick:

Christopher Reath

been using this for a bit, it's been super gold, man. thank you!

Kyle Bollinger

It's so good

Koen Bok

Going to leave this here now, but I'll remove too obvious product plugging without a clear relation to design tools in the future.

Jin Chun

I know I know but...I just started using this and man it is really good!

Andy Fuchs

It's cool, but takes forever to launch...

Benjamin E Saravia

I was just wondering how to document this kind of design guidelines ... <3

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