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Henrique Belfort
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook


Hi, Framers!

Let's supose that I created all my app prototype using FramerJS and now I'm gonna code it for Web.

The question is: Is framer exclusive for prototyping and I have to create all animations again using some front-end framework? Or, is there some way to reutilize framer's animations in this case?

Sorry if I did not understand something obvious!



Gregory J. Orton

v.good q

James St John

I'd like to hear an expert opinion on this myself. After all the hard work prototyping, can coffeescript be transformed automatically? For me as a designer it's been great as an exploration tool to visualize ideas and catalyze new ones as well as a communication tool to show rather than tell my project manager and developers. It serves its purpose extremely well there.

George Kedenburg III

Framer is a tool for prototyping, which means its not creating usable production level code. The good thing is that by using Framer, you've already thought through a lot of your animation logic and you know the exact timing/easing/properties of every animation so converting it to production quality code is much quicker than starting from scratch!

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

In addition to George's comment, I'd also like to add that if you are spending too much time on your prototypes, you may be overdoing it. I don't know your case specifically, and this isn't really a reply to your question, but I at least sometimes find myself putting more time into a perfect prototype than what is strictly necessary. The goal should be to spend the least possible amount of time in order to just get the answers you need before implementation. We don't get points for effort, just final product :)

Henrique Belfort

Thank you, guys! Now Its clear for me. And about the frameworks for animation. What have you been used?

Liz Heidner

it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Green sock is still one of the highest regarded animation libraries, but not the cheapest. (you get what you pay for?) But depending on what you are actually trying to do, it can be overkill to use a library as robust as greensock.

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