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Rob Byrd
Posted Aug 12 - Read on Facebook


I came across an issue today while trying to duplicate a series of tiles. I am prototyping an application with a large number of thumbnail tiles. My goal is to repeat the 5 tiles I have created in photoshop many times, provide unique names to each and attach event listeners to each.

I thought I had it worked out and then realized that while I was able to copy and rename additional layers, Framer does not recognize any of the renamed layers.

For example psd.Recipe_Tile_5 exists but psd.Recipe_Tile_6 does not, even though it is in my layers panel.


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Rob – If it’s in the layer panel it exists ;) The layers are off screen because of how they are layed out, but you probably already noticed this. However, while you give the layers a unique name, that does not mean you can refer to them as a variable (like psd.Recipe_Tile_6). The most easy approach is probably to use the recipeTiles with an index, like you already do, and refer to specific layers like that. Does that make sense?

Rob Byrd

Hi Eelco, thanks for the response. That makes sense. I've resorted to creating 20 separate recipe tiles in photoshop, all with an index. My hope was to do less work in photoshop and duplicate tiles through the code (since it may be much more than 20 in some cases), it looks like changing the name in code, does not change the variable name.

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