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Terry Tien
Posted Aug 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! How are you doing!
I'm currently facing an issue about indicators.
I followed some kindly posts in our group to create this guide page with indicators. But somehow it keeps warning me there's something wrong with the allIndicators[current]. Could you guys kindly have a look on that? Thank you in advance!


Terry Tien

Still working on it but nothing comes up 😂 Cannot see what's wrong. Need you guys!

Sergey Voronov

hi move the guidescreen code out of the loop

Sergey Voronov

unfortunately I can't share prototypes anymore for some reason, but this will give u idea -

Mike Johnson

Like Sergey Voronov said, just move the layer creation for GuideScreens up out of the loop, otherwise you are creating 3 copies of each one and all their properties...

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