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John Grendon Enderby
Posted Aug 07 - Read on Facebook

Is anyone else having regular failed downloads in the Framer app on iOS? Takes quite a few tries to get a project downloaded. Also try again would be good instead of going back to the copied link, reopening the project and then downloading.


Koen Bok

This should be pretty fast an reliable, if your local wifi is good. Does the project have any crazy resources like huge images or video maybe? I think iOS maybe doesn't like us storing a lot of data at once (>25mb) but that's just a hunch.

John Grendon Enderby

Not sure about the project it was the rocket ship animation that posted by Tony Jing so I could check out how it works. Wifi is pretty reliable most of the time. Usually works after 5-10 tries but usually quits at about 70%

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