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Michael McKenna
Posted Aug 07 - Read on Facebook

As someone new to coding and looking at many examples, trying to figure out how to integrate the Sketch layers with the examples. I still can't figure out David Lee's example that push the layers into an array without having to write each layer ... I'm looking at the PageComponent and wondering again, how do I get my artboards in there instead of the snippet that is new layers? Almost every example out there creates new layers and not picking up Sketch layers which is confusing to me.


Koen Bok

Allright, let me make you an example. Remember that grabbing an imported layer from Sketch or creating one yourself is the exact same thing. The loop is just there to create multiple layers so you don't repeat yourself, but wit an import you can skip that.

Koen Bok

The .addPage() function adds a layer as a page in the pager. By default to the right of the most-right content.

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