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Chris Wang
Posted Aug 04 - Read on Facebook

I've having problems with drag constraints and drag momentum. Seems like when I add drag constraints, the momentum = false is ignored.

Can someone help me take a look?


Koen Bok

Sorry just sitting here for a bit and enjoying that gorgeous new preview card hehe. Pretty previews are going to make the group look so much cooler too.

Kevyn Arnott

Hmm weird, I couldn't get the false to work either. For the time being, you could set the handle.draggable.momentumOptions = friction:100, and that will definitely kill all the momentum.

Marc Krenn

Chris, your dragRegion is smaller than the handle layer, that's what semi-breaks the simulation.

Chris Wang

Regarding the constraint region, would it make sense to be able to only define x, width if verticalScroll is disabled?
You can always define a full rectangle, but when you are dragging only one direction it would be easier to only define constraints for that direction.

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