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Josh Ackerman
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

A while ago I posted a lock screen prototype for a concept phone. I recently decided to revisit the project, and add a better design with a lot more functionality. There are now user accounts with profile pictures, custom clock designs, and different private notification preferences. Additionally, clicking on any "complication" will reveal a lock screen app, and long pressing on any public notification will reveal a detailed dialog.

The project is about 1200 lines of code, and includes a lot of the different things Framer has to offer (Scroll views, page components, custom classes, layers, custom devices, etc.), so even though it isn't the nicest code, I will post it if there is enough interest.

Like on Dribbble:

Version 1:

Edit: Here is the Framer file, I changed the font to Open Sans, so there would be no problems with displaying the prototype. Also note that the code is far from perfect (It's a prototype), and I tried to add some comments about what I will improve in future versions (like type checking, setters and getters, etc.).


Josh Ackerman

I updated the original post, and the Dribbble post with the Framer file.

Jorn van Dijk

Man this is amazing!

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