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Kevyn Arnott
Posted Aug 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, I just pushed some updates to iOS Kit module.

I just wanted to first say thanks to you all for the support on the module. It's been so awesome to hear your feedback & see it get used. Many of the things added today have come from your requests!

Along with the new things today, I should add – most of the module has been rewritten, so I'm sure there will be bugs here & there. Please send them my way, and I'll fix them ASAP.


Here's a rundown of what's new:

• Sketch convert – a simple function that goes through all your layers in Sketch & writes constraints for you to make your imported artboards fit every device. This allows your design to fit the device without scaling all the images up.

• Sketch components – all the components in this kit now have corresponding Sketch components, so you can paste those into your artboards, and when you call convert, it'll render the iOS Kit component instead of a flat image.

• Completely rewritten – it's no longer a 4000+ line coffee file. It's broken into really easy to navigate & browse sub modules.

• Added a View component - it's just like Layer but accepts constraints & is immediately rendered without the need to call layout.

• Added iPad Pro keyboard

• Sheets on iPad now support targets. The sheet will float & point to the target.

• Added dark styled keyboards

• Banners are now iOS 10-ify'd.

• Fields can now accept keyboards, so you can fill out multiple fields with the same keyboard.

• Dynamic Layout is the same one from Material Kit, which means it works on Android & iOS devices and uses layout.set & layout.animate.

• Plus a bunch of bugs fixes & I'm sure other things I'm forgetting.


Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

When do you find time to breathe?

Fran Pérez

This is insane! awesome work man :)

Koen Bok

Wow man!

Jakub Heglas

Holy. Damn.

Sergey Voronov

amazing work!

Sergey Voronov

can u share the video somewhere? i want to feature this module on meetup this friday, thanx

Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, amazing.

Jorn van Dijk

Jaw. Dropped.

Dave Crow

Hot damn.

Marek Minor

Holy cow!

Andrey Yanovskiy


Michael Lee

Wow, thank you

Daniel Lin

So cooooool

Brad Ryan

Amazing work! Excited to learn from this.

Dani Dani

Chip Dong Lim

Christian Poschmann

This is pure gold! Awesome job Kevyn!

Jiaxin Chen



Nice job!

Christian Poschmann

Constraints should be integrated as a main feature into Framer.

Ban Nguyen

kevyn, i got an error

Jon Wood

Kevyn Arnott thank you so much for creating this!

I was playing around with the kit, read thru the docs, and you mentioned that with the device override as well as the convert function work properly with full-screen browsers and your recommendation is Frameless.

Other than Frameless, is there a way for the prototype to work with mobile browsers? The main problem I have is that I want to send the url to my users for feedback without having to have them download Frameless and they use both iPhone 6 & 6+ devices. Thank you!

Sergey Voronov

is it possible to use padding properties somehow for text component?

Sergey Voronov

Sergey Voronov

in love with new pages! great work guys, as always)

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